You will be able to load Thinknum data to Google Sheets using our add-on. From there, you can download the file as different types of file extensions such as xlsx, csv, pdf, etc.

The Thinknum add-on supports all available datasets and tickers.


Run Google Sheets and click "Add-ons" -> "Get add-ons". Search for "Thinknum" at the Google Add-ons pop up page and install it.


Otherwise, you can install it via link.

After installing the Thinknum add-on, click "Add-ons" -> "Thinknum" -> "Open". You can see the Thinknum add-on appear in a sidebar on the right side.



In order to load Thinknum data, first authenticate yourself. The Version, Client ID, and Client Secret are required to get an access token.

If you don't have a client_id and client_secret, then please contact us at [email protected].


After authenticating yourself, you can see the token in a text input which means you are authorized to use the Thinknum add-on and load data.

Dataset: All datasets are available.
Tickers: You can select one ticker or multiple tickers. e.g. nasdaq:goog, nasdaq:mtch
Start: The row number data will be loaded from.
Limit: The number of rows that will be loaded.
Append rows: Whether to append new rows or not.
Include header: Whether to load a header or not.


Please note that the existing rows will be disappeared if Append rows is unchecked.

This will load the data for that dataset / ticker combination requested.