You will be able to load Thinknum data to Power BI Desktop using custom data connector.


Download file and copy mez file into the(Users)\Documents\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors\ directory. Create Power BI Desktop directory under Dcouments if you can't find one.


In order to load Thinknum data, first authenticate yourself. The Client ID and Client Secret are required to get an access token.

If you don't have a client_id and client_secret, then please contact us at [email protected].

Load Data

Run Power BI Desktop and click Get Data. Then you can see thinknum connector.

Type all necessary information and click OK button.

Required Variables
Dataset: All datasets are available.
StartDate: Data ranges from the date will be loaded.
EndDate: Data ranges to the date will be loaded.
Start: The row number data will be loaded from.
Limit: The number of rows that will be loaded.

Optional Variables
tickers: You can type more than one ticker using comma(,). ex) nasdaq:tsla,nasdaq:msft
filters: You can type column name and value using comma(,). ex) country_name,United States
groups: You can type more than one columns using comma(,).
ex) dataset__entity__entity_ticker__ticker__ticker,dataset__entity__name
aggregations: You can type column name and aggregation type using comma(,). ex) country_name,count. You can choose count, average, sum, min, max as type.

This will load the data that you requested.

If you get error in loading data after updating mez file, then delete data cache and try again.
Go to file > options> data load > clear cache